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Interior design engineering / furniture manufacturing in custom

Probably we won’t be able to change our world, but we really can create your home better.

Our services
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Work documentation

We own professionaly of graphic software ArchiCAD. Any builder will be able to understand our work drafts.

Materials selection

We choose for you the best material with detailed   description of vendor codes and manufacturers  within your
assigned budget.

Furniture manufacturing in custom

We manufacture furniture in custom following your design project. We use only the best technologies in furniture manufacturing and furniture only of the best European manufactures.

Author’s supervision

We do author’s supervision to fully prevent different builders’ mistakes and provide full conformity to our visualization. You will have got the best result with this service.

Project realization

We render the service about furniture projects realization for designers and architects. Our own  installation crew and transport, professionalism, timely orders delivery and attantion to the details, allow us to be one of the best, even in the most demanding situations.

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We answer any questions with regards to: design and layout repair, furniture and material selection
What is the interior design?

This is logicality of each details, which create the cosiness for your life and work. Interior must bring pleasure, rise mood, be attractive and harmonious. Besides, premises’s space must be considered, so equipped and separated on zones to it will be comfortably for those, who will live, study or work there.

Package of services
We take care about interior conception development and furniture manufacturing.
  • Conception
  • Project-design
  • Author’s supervision
  • Furniture manufacturing


At this stage you can understand your
preferences, tastes and expectations. You can choose one of the variants of layout of your premises and look at the visualization with possible variants of formalization
your future interior.

Find out your wishes, tastes and preferences:

  • Architectural prmises measurements

  • Make up the dismantling plan

  • Make up the installation plan

  • Make up the plan of furniture placement

  • Preparation of the plan of arrangement of furniture

  • 3D interior visualization 2-3 variants

Term: 2-3 weeks

Cost: from 12$/m2


At this stage with a conception and interior visualization we create a technical base, design drafts, plans, explications and scans. We will help to choose decoration materials, floor coverings, sanitary engineering and furniture which connect with providers.

Project-design includes in itself:

  • Finding out your tastes and preferences

  • Architectural measurements premises

  • Dismantling plan

  • Mounting plan

  • Layout of furniture

  • 3D visualization of interior

  • Floor plan layout with the material

  • Ceiling plan

  • Electrical placement scheme

  • Layout of lighting

  • Layout of plumbing appliances

  • Sweep walls

  • Statement decoration

  • Selection of decoration materials

  • Selection of decorative elements

  • Furniture selection

Term: for 4 weeks

Cost: from 20$/m2

Author’s supervision:

For the successful realization of your design we will provide such service as author’s supervision.  It will fully exclude builder’s mistakes at the stage of repair works and will provide an absolute matching the interior visualization with the real result.

Author’s supervision includes:

  • Every week we visit with you the building object

  • Logging the register of  author’s supervision

  • We propose suggestion about decoration materials, furniture and equipment

  • Consultations about repair works performance

Term: from 3 to 4 months from the moment of building starting.

Cost: from 10$/m2

Furniture manufacturing:

All furniture which manufacturing in the interior can be realized. We create not only the beautiful furniture model, firstly we think over each detaill and possibility of uts realization, afterwards, using the modern equipment and technologies, we personify the uniquest designers’ solutions in life.

Furniture manufacturing includes:

  • Premises measurement

  • Design-project creation

  • Agreement and statement of project

  • Conclusion of a treaty and payment

  • Delivery, setting-up and installation

Term: for 4 weeks

Cost: contractual ( it depens on materials and components)
Our works
Familiarize with our projects, and make sure, that they are realy increadible

We can personify into the life all your sacramental wishes, begining from the project creation to the control of performance tasks, at the stage of repairing and building works. If you are looking for where to order the design of interior or to make the furniture custom in Dnipro (Dnipropetrovsk), then you are wellcome to us. Big quality of different works, elaboration of design project”: living apartments, stores, privat houses, offices, bars and restaurants, furniture design and realized projects, all these you can find in the section like portfolio, pressing the key – show more.

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